Basement Entrances

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We install PermEntry basement entrances. These basement entrances consist of a precast concrete stairwell and either a Classic Series or Ultra Series basement door. PermEntry is the fastest and most economical way to add convenient, direct basement access to any home. PermEntry can be installed in new home construction or remodeling projects.

Pre-Installation Requirements:

1. Provide truck access to within 20′ of the center of PermEntry stairwell.
2. Foundation footing and opening should be level, plumb and square.
3. Width of foundation wall opening should be 40″ maximum for all sizes.
4. Ensure proper soil drainage at base of unit. A footing drain to daylight is recommended.
5. When foundation is backfilled, leave a minimum work area for the PermEntry installation.
6. On new construction applications, the basement floor or equivalent slab should be poured in the concrete wall.
7. Hold foundation tar coating back a minimum of 12″ on each side of the opening.

How to Measure:

1. Determine the measurement from the finished grade to the foundation footing.
2. Refer to table below to select proper size. Top of stairwell unit should be a minimum of 2″ above the finished grade.
3. Double-check pre-installation requirements and assure there is adequate area for truck access to and from the installation site.

Post-Installation Requirements:

* Properly backfill and compact excavation with clean, suitable fill and/or stone. Never use construction debris and never backfill higher than 2″ below the top of the stairwell.
* Final grade should be adjusted to leave 2″ – 6″ of stairwell above the finished grade. Immediately slope the grade away from the PermEnmtry entrance in all directions.
* Avoid locating down spouts or sump discharge near the PermEntry entrance.
* An insulated door at the bottom of the stairs is recommended to reduce heat loss.
* For steel doors, a finish coat of alkyd metal enamel in a light color must be applied to all metal surfaces inside and out. Do not use an oil-based wood paint.

Download PermEntry brochure: click here
Download PermEntry size chart: click here
Download PermEntry job site requirements: click here
Download PermEntry areaway requirements: click here